Play Fair

Twanda Holder

Sports 4 Life Netball America Participant and Coach, USA netball squad member, Brooklyn College Basketball athlete

I want to help spread the word as to why sports is important and I want to display the leadership qualities and strong character that Netball has installed in me.  I’m not only excited to have an opportunity to represent the USA but I am also now coaching to help bring opportunities to girls and show them that through hard work and dedication they can reach their dreams like I have.

I pictured myself becoming an inspiration to those who wanted to be an athlete as badly as I did. I needed someone to give me a chance to showcase my skills and help me reach the levels I was trying to attain.   The Sports 4 Life Netball America Program has provided me with great opportunities I could only dream about.  The training sessions, expertise, mentors and the local community leaders helped expose me to a world of opportunities and now has helped me excel in a sport I have always been very passionate about.  Representing the USA for netball is important to me because this team – the players, coaching staff and supporters, have seen potential in me and trusted me enough to carry this team forward.