Lead Her Forward

Tatum Colitz

WAGNER COLLEGE | Associate Athletic Director, Senior Woman Administrator, Former Division I Swimmer

Having a voice and a “seat at the table” is important, but paving a seat for future women leaders is just as valuable.   Sports are a vehicle for opportunity and in my role as Associate Athletic Director/SWA, I strive to be a mentor for our student-athletes and staff.  I find myself thinking back to being that young girl infatuated with all things sport, and am thankful for the values learned as a teammate and dedicated competitor.   It is our responsibility in leadership roles to support the next generation and champion those women in our respective spaces. We must pose the question, how can I further unlock opportunities and lead the next generation forward?  These conversations must continue to be discussed at every table, and to promote equitable opportunities for women in all aspects of intercollegiate athletics and beyond.