Lead Her Forward

Saray Gonzalez

THE CYCLE EFFECT | Graduate, Women's Sports Foundation Sports 4 Life Athlete

During my early years of high school, my afterschool activities were limited to babysitting and watching TV.  During my junior year, my neighbor and older sister begged me to come check out a Cycle Effect practice. After the first indoor practice, I found I actually enjoyed exercising. I loved the team atmosphere and enjoyed the way it pushed me beyond my limits. My physical fitness and overall health improved and my confidence grew with the support of my coaches and teammates. By my senior year I transformed into a team leader, encouraging younger girls who looked up to me as a role model. I learned to transfer determination and overcome obstacles from mountain biking to my everyday life and discovering that my true potential has no limits. Now family members, including my siblings and uncle, started riding bikes with me, which makes me very proud.