Play Fair

Nohemy Salomon

Sports 4 Life program participant with DC Scores

Sports have taught me many things throughout the years. Each year, I see something different. When I was younger, I looked at playing sports as an activity that just made my team and I happy. Growing up, as I began to realize how difficult life really is, I started seeing sports as a release. Every time I go to the doctor, she praises me for playing soccer, so I guess soccer helps me keep healthy as well. But, most importantly, through sports I discovered that life is full of unknowns. You’ll look back to a game and say, “Why didn’t I kick it slightly more to the right?” Or “Why did I eat those chips right before practice (oops)?!” Sure, it’ll haunt you for awhile, but you’ll move on and use it — the new knowledge you’ve gained about what you wish you’d done when times got tough — for the next time. I discovered that I can be very indecisive. But through playing soccer, I learned to take what life throws at me, and learn from it. I know that I might look back, and it might haunt me for awhile, but when the time is right, I’ll use what I learned to take that perfect shot.

From the way I even go about my day now, my life has been transformed by DC SCORES. I never considered myself to be an athletic person when I was younger. I was always skinny and my grandma always said sports weren’t for girls, but cleaning and the kitchen were. When I moved to DC, soccer was like this big deal! Everyone was doing it, and I wanted to give it a try, because why not? The DC SCORES Sports 4 Life program not only taught me essential skills, sports-wise, that have led to my bettering my game, but also provided me with the idea of expressing myself through poetry. I used to write all the time when I was younger and in DC SCORES! When I feel the need to express myself, I write poetry now.