Play Fair

Milie Madourie

Sports 4 Life program participant with Harlem Lacrosse

Since I started playing sports, I have more confidence than I ever thought I had. Before I played lacrosse, I never really talked to anyone in the school or wanted to participate in anything. But after lacrosse I found myself being open to meeting new people, and making new friends. It really made me come out of my shell, and become a new more confident and independent person.

Harlem Lacrosse exposed me to new opportunities that I never would have had without lacrosse. The first time I ever saw lacrosse was watching Teen Wolf, and I really wanted to play. I was hesitant to join at first, but when I finally joined I realized how fun lacrosse was. With lacrosse I traveled for the first time out of the Tri State area, I visited my first Ivy League school, and I played my first team sport! I also am now applying to boarding schools which I never would have done without lacrosse.