Leading the Way


Girl Participant at i-tri in East Hampton, N.Y., age 17

“For me the sixth grade was a very difficult time in my life.  There were many challenges at home with my family and I did not have a close group of friends. I was not doing well academically and suffered from self-loathing and anxiety.  I did not feel like I was a particularly good athlete. However, our coach assured us that if we put our trust in her, our coaches and alumnae mentors, that they WOULD help us cross the finish line of a triathlon just six months later!

I am so glad that I was brave enough to try!  Completing a triathlon changed my life and I had never felt so proud of myself!  The next year I came back and did the program again; this time as a mentor myself and loved helping the younger girls as I had been helped myself.   Triathlons gave me the confidence to try out for the soccer team in high school where I had four successful seasons!

Becoming an athlete gave me the tools to navigate an often frightening world and gave me the opportunity to be a leader and a coach to younger girls.  I will take these lessons with me wherever I go in life!”