Play Fair

Lupe Serna

America SCORES soccer coach and alumnus

In 2005, Lupe was growing up in an under-resourced neighborhood of Milwaukee where many schools failed to meet state standards and few positive activities were available for children during the high-risk after school hours. Lupe and her twin sister participated in the SCORES program for 3 years.  Recently, Lupe reached out SCORES to provide an update on what she’s doing (currently a student at Marquette University pursuing an education degree), and to ask how she could re-engage with America SCORES.

Today, Lupe is a soccer coach leading a team of girls at the very school she attended as a student. Her positive attitude and ability to relate to her team with first-hand knowledge of life in under-resourced and under-served communities is invaluable and will undoubtedly inspire young girls to live to their full potential.

After her first season as a coach, she commented “I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me (and my family). As a participant many years ago, I learned so much from SCORES.  Now, I have the opportunity to share what I learned with others and give back to my community.”