Lead Her Forward

Jessica Blubaugh

WIN FOR KC | Director

Sports have played an enormous role in my life, yet this realization is only something I’ve come to truly understand in the last number of years. I had no way of knowing, as a kid, how incredibly much sports would impact who I am as a leader, a professional and a person. I grew up playing just about any pick-up game in my neighborhood, then went on to play sports in high school, competitively on club teams and then in college. Beyond understanding the value of being physically active and fit, sports taught so many intangible lessons – how to push through the hard stuff, when to lead and when to follow, perseverance, grit, how to win with humility and perhaps most importantly, how to lose with grace and gratitude. These lessons have played out tenfold in my adult and professional life, and I know had I not played sports, the learning curve on these lessons would have been steep and bumpy. I’m grateful for the friends, colleagues, and people I’ve met through sports, and even more so for the lessons I’ve learned along the way.