Lead Her Forward

Courtney Bostic


This year’s NGWSD theme “Lead Her Forward” has influenced my life through my athletic counselor: Abigail Eiler. Abigail has played a very important role in my life and fueled me mentally to strive for more in my life and to become a better person. Athletically, socially and academically, Abigail has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone in order to progress in my life. Because of Abigail, in January 2019  we will start a new program at the University called “Women Uplifting Women,” which is a program that allows female student athletes to get a chance to invest in their future careers and network with people who are in their field of interest so that when they graduate they will be able to possess an identity that goes further than just being an athlete. Abigail has led me forward by helping me become a better version of myself every day and assisting me in striving to be the best in all areas of my life, and to accept nothing less than that. Abigail listens and sees my vision and thanks to her, my vision is being lived out.